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ALL OF MY BREEDING DOGS ARE TESTED FOR  PRCD- PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which causes blindness in poodles thru OPTIGEN in Ithaca, New York.  FOR MORE INFORMATION  ON PRA PLEASE VISIT

Hi, my name is Linda Sutphin, owner and operator of Homestead Poodles. We are located in Frederick Maryland, a thriving community about an hour North of Washington, D.C. and an hour West of Baltimore.   I have loved and raised toy poodles for the last 38 years.  My poodles are (family), raised in my home with no cages or kennels. Many even sleep in my bed with me. I have tiny toy poodles and toy poodles, with the occasional pocket/teacup poodle. Colors are red, black, apricot, cream, white, brown and the occasional phantom poodle.

I have found that while many poodle breeders state their dogs are "home-raised", in many cases they are not. My home is kept  clean, my toy poodles are house broken (not the puppies), and therefore, I have no need for kennels.

We attempt to match a poodle to you, your family and your lifestyle through our screening process. Proper placement of the right dog is a primary concern with us. WE WANT YOUR FULL SATISFACTION.

Our Tiny  Toy Poodles Puppies for Sale  are raised not only with other poodles, but with cats, neighbors and children. My grandchildren like to visit to help socialize the puppies. We believe that a properly socialized Toy Poodle Puppy blends more easily into a new home and therefore makes a better pet.

Most of my puppies do not get posted because they are sold before they are 6 weeks old and never get seen here. If you are looking for a puppy please call as I do not post newborns because you cannot tell much about them at such a young age.



If you would like more information please feel free to email me, or call me at 301-473-9047 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM EST.


Buy with confidence. You get many benefits buying your toy poodle from us.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I’ve been wanting to update you on Ruby James Pascuzzo. She is wonderful and truly beautiful and we are thrilled with our little (big) girl. Harmony’s first litter! We love her so much.

    She weighs about 10 lbs. and is long, lean, and runs the house like only a puppy can! Minnie Mae is now the alpha dog taking the role that our beloved Lulu Belle once ruled. She love Ruby very much.

    Ruby just completed her puppy obedience class (or rather I did) and with all the training I had given to the others I could see that Ruby would respond well…and she did. Her walk is like a prance and is mesmerized all the others at her class.

    She is loving and generous and sweet and smart and so very playful with all of us, all the things we had hoped. She loves her pack and she has a wonderful life with us. Thank you for breeding such incredible dogs. Your love, affection, and care for all of them is a treasure to each and every one of us who brings a Homestead Poodles in to our lives.

    I hope all is well in ‘your neck of the woods' –- we here in Mt. Laurel, send our very best to you!

    L & M Pascuzzo

  • I hope you are doing well. We sure are enjoying Maggie and Chloe. They play so well together and when they get together they just run all over the place and rock and roll with each other. I thought you might enjoy the photo.

    Maggie and Chloe’s Family

  • Thought you might like to see Barney at his new home, and see how happy he is. He does miss his Miss. Linda, but he really likes his new toys. He is still golden, potty training is going remarkably well, still only a few accidents (maybe 4 or 5) in the house, he sleeps at night in bed with me and no accidents, I have to wake him up to go potty in the middle of the night! Its great. The collar training and crate training have been a little hurdle for him, he really does not like the collar! But he is learning those easier now. My vet was very impressed with Barney, he said he was a good looking puppy. So here are just a couple of pictures. Talk to you soon, he cant wait to come visit for his grooming.


  • Every day I think how wonderful Bella Jewel(Scooter) has been as a member of our family. She is so sweet and wonderfully ornery. While, we never intended her to be a show dog, she is beautiful and most definitely our princess. We were somewhat concerned initially when we were considering bringing a toy poodle into our home, due to the size difference between her and our our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Our vet had warned us against the potential damage that a larger dog could do to a poodle of her size. However, I believe that it depends on the the particular dog. While, Tootsie(Mazoo) is a large dog with protective instincts, she has never been aggressive to other dogs. In fact I believe her protective instincts are one of the reasons that she would never hurt Bella. I am so glad we did not listen to our vet, because Tootsie and Bella Jewel have been inseparable ever since the two of them were introduced to each other eight years ago. I honestly believe that they are great company to each other when we are at work and unable to be at home with them.

    Collin S.

  • Happy New Year. I know you don’t remember me but I purchased a poodle from you about two years ago his name is Coco Royal (my name is Yetta Royal) and his parents are Tobie and Bell. Coco has truly changed my family and he is the joy of our day. Even my husband who is a clean freak is always buying new toys and sweaters for Coco which end up all over the house. We go on long walks with Coco as part of our exercise program and we are surprised at how much Coco looks forward to the 2hr walks. All that being said we have come to the conclusion that Coco needs a companion and we would like to find a good playmate for him this year. We are thinking of the brown poodles and I would like the playmate to be male and a toy poodle although Coco is a toy he is a little tall but I would like a smaller toy poodle. Please let me know if you might have a brown poodle available some time this year and if possible the name of the mom and dad so I can see them on the website.

    Coco's Family

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